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  1. Hi,

    I am tring to download BMC Wizard from your website, but the link is not working. Would you please let me know where I could get the wizard?


  2. Hello!

    Thanks a lot for your efforts in building this dataset.
    I found a problem in real-video comparisons. Taking the “Video_008” for example, the segmented results consists of 791 images. However, the binary ground-truths only consists of 54 images. So, how could I make comparisons between them? The comparison software uses only 54 ground-truth images and this is not understandable.

    Zhi Zeng

    1. Dear Zhi Zeng,
      this video is only annotated for key-frames, and not for the whole video.
      Our evaluation software uses this info to calculate the scores, and has revealed the pros and cons of many algorithms.
      I hope that our data-set and our software have helped you in your activities.
      Best regards,
      BMC’s webmaster.

  3. Hi,

    I was wondering how to generate the key-frames for my own sequence of frames? And what format is the “sequence.dat” file in? I’m assuming it tells the BMC Wizard the index of the key frames with respect to the real image sequence.


    1. Hi Ed,

      sorry for the very late reply, we have used a private way to encrypt the key-frames and how to read them in BMC wizard.
      The ‘sequences.dat’ file is a binary file that ensures a correct encryption of the videos, and reading from the wizard.
      We can also check if more videos (yours) could be added to our benchmark in this way. Would you be interested in participating?

      Best regards,
      BMC’s webmaster

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